Man killed by speedboat after being thrown off banana boat

A South Korean tourist in Bintan Lagoon Resort died in a freak accident after he was thrown off a banana boat and run over by the speedboat that had towed it.

Mr Kim Hong Soek, 19, had checked into the resort with his parents and brother on Friday, reported The Jakarta Post.

Bintan Lagoon Resort is a popular tourist destination, especially for Singaporeans.

Mr Kim and another South Korean tourist, Mr Jiwon, were on the banana boat which was towed by a speedboat.

The boat was driven by Udin, a water sports guide employed by the resort.

Barely 10 minutes into the ride, the two South Koreans fell into the water, which is not unusual for those who ride on banana boats.

Bintan police spokesman Iptu Awal Harahap said that Udin and his partner Amatus then turned the speedboat around to assist them.

But the duo were thrown out of the boat when it hit incoming waves. The speedboat then hit Mr Kim, Mr Awal told The Jakarta Post.

Mr Kim died from injuries sustained from the boat's propeller while Mr Jiwon survived the accident.

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