Stuffed: WWE legend Mick Foley ejected for cheating... at chicken wing-eating contest

Retired WWE superstar Mick Foley sullied the honourable reputation of a professional eating contest - and got himself ejected in the process

The reason? 

He tried to cheat - by hiding uneaten chicken wings in his waist pouch, reported the Washington Post.

That gave the impression he had consumed more wings that he actually did.



The 49-year-old WWE Hall of Famer (who made a name for himself as a super-nice guy) took part in the 2015 Wing Bowl in Philadelphia on Friday (Jan 30).

 But rather than competing honourably, he took the low road.

Luckily for the sanctity of the sport, hawk-eyed officials caught him red-handed.

He initially tried to protest his innocence but when his act was replayed on the big screen, there was nowhere he could hide.

He later admitted to the dastardly deed on his Twitter account.



To be fair, he had given warning that he might try to cheat his way to the top.



Shame on you Mick, shame on you.

For the record, Patrick Bertoletti of Chicago took home the top prize the honest way. He ate a record 444 wings in 26 minutes.

The 2014 champion Molly Schuyler of Nebraska shoved down 440.

Sources: Washington Post, Twitter