For Halloween: The ice bucket challenge costume

That was fast.

Online retailer Brands on Sale has created an Ice Bucket Challenge Costume.

You know, if you feel like going to a Halloween party as the year's biggest social media trend. 

According to the website, the costume features a "bucket with faux water film", a "white tulle tunic with faux ice cubes" and a cube tray. 

The description does not make it clear if you'll have to hold the bucket over your head all night at your Halloween party. 

Because if you do, and your other hand is holding the cube tray, then how are you going to hold your beer?

Highly impractical. 

You can get the costume for US$39.99 (S$50), with the website promising that US$10 will go to the ALS Association (ALSA). 

Or, you know, you could just donate straight to the ALS Association here.

Source: Brands on Sale

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