Goalie gongfu kicks ref for booking him

Manchester United's Eric Cantona did it to a Crystal Palace supporter back in 1995.

Last week, a supporter did the same to Venezuelan striker Acquiles Ocanto while he was being interviewed.

Now a goalkeeper has taken out his anger on the referee with a kick in the back, proving once again that the world of football loves gongfu.



Tension broke out when Union Perene 'keeper Paolo Insua was booked during his side's Copa Peru clash with Pichanaki.

Instead of taking it as a warning, Insua let his temper get the better of him: He then exacted revenge on the man who yellow-carded him.

Insua ran after the jogging referee, jumped as he approached the official and sent him crashing to the ground with a lightning-fast kick.

The object of hate - that yellow card the official just used to book him - flew along with the referee, who fell to the ground.

But the goalie's not the one having the last laugh - will his career come crashing down because of that kick?

Sources: Metro UK, YouTube

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