1 When Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married 
(Season 9)

We wanted all the delicious details on the Wedding Of The Year - her dress, her walk-in and her guest list - and were duly rewarded.

2 When Kanye proposed to Kim (Season 9)

Equally as sweet as the wedding was the surprise proposal at AT&T Park in San Francisco, complete with candles and an orchestra.

3 When Khloe Kardashian marries Lamar Odom (Season 4)

The shocking wedding took place after only a month-long romance.

4 Kim gets a butt X-ray 
(Season 6)

Tired of rumours that she had butt implants, Kim takes action to prove it is authentic.

5 Sister Kourtney gives birth to Penelope (Season 7)

She couldn't just deliver her daughter like everyone else, she had to pull Penelope out with her bare hands.

6 Rob takes Viagra 
(Season 4)

Kris Jenner had spiked then-husband Bruce Jenner's coffee with the drug, but it was her son Rob who drank it and had a massively painful erection.

7 Kendall Jenner takes birth control pills (Season 6)

Bruce freaks out when Kendall, then 15, started taking birth control pills for her menstrual cramps.

8 Scott Disick becomes a Lord (Season 7)

Kourtney's husband travelled to London to be knighted in order to gain respect.

9 Kris' incontinence 
(Season 6)

Kris struggled with toilet troubles as her daughters urged her to have her bladder checked.

10 Kris plans her funeral (Season 7)

Kris planned a family outing to the cemetery and checked out caskets to prepare for her death in the future.